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An RPG for demigods in Camp Half-Blood.
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 Titus Chance (WIP)

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PostSubject: Titus Chance (WIP)   Thu Aug 23, 2012 4:10 pm

Full Name:Titus Alexander Chance
Nicknames:Ti. Chance.
Years At Camp:

Picture (Optional):
Hair (Length, color, style, etc.):blonde
Eyes: Green
Body Type (Height, weight, etc.): lean,
Distinct Markings (Freckles, scars, birthmarks, etc.):a birthmark of a clover on his left thigh
Style (Optional, use ):

Personality (Friendly, mean, different, violent, etc.):sort of cocky. nice.makes friends easily. random

God Parent:Tyche
Mortal Parent:Mike Chance
Date of Birth:March 5,

Powers (optional):can give good luck to people and himself. like the luck to dodge quick attacks or having a better accuracy rate (10%) when shooting arrows. he also can take good luvk from someone. he can do this 7x a day. when he uses his power, his eyes will glow a light green, the luck lasts about 7mins.
Fatal Flaw:ira
Other Flaws (at least two others):never turns down a bet. lies.

Weapon(s): a charm amulet. a (CB) sword.
Pets: a white rabbit. named Charm
Talents/Skills:gambling. drawing.

RP Example:i bend down to pick up a quarter when a Harpy and whop down. at that time i didn't know it was a uh harpy, but anyway it slammed into a tree, i stood up straight hearing the sound. i see the over-sized eagle and scream. i run the opposite way to camp...unwillingly.
Biography: Titus lived with his dad in there three story house in New Jersey.

Other Notes:

Ethan|16| Son of the Horae of Autumn|Sept.19th|Single*
Derick|15| Son of Demeter|May 9th|Taken
Cecilia |20|Daughter of Eris|Oct.24th|Engaged
Evon|15|Son of Hecate| Oct.31st|Taken
Delilah|16|Daughter of Aristaeus|Dec.2ed|Single
Starlet|15|Daughter of Nut|Nov.20th|Taken
Leonardo|17|Son of Boreas|Jan.6th|Single
Wyatt|16|Son of Nemesis|June16th|Single(Reserved)
Prudence|17|Daughter of Hecate|April1st|Taken(Reserved for a specific plot)
Prince Titus|15|Son of Phusis|Single*
Cyrsthanamum|19|Daughter of Pomona|Single*

I would like to thank my awesome friend, Liz for my banner!!!
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Titus Chance (WIP)
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