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Cameron Jason Formick

    Cameron's birthday is July 9th, 1994.
    God Parent:
    Zeus; the king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus and the god of the sky, weather, thunder, lightning, law, order, and fate.
    Mortal Family:
    Jennifer Formick; Biological Mother: Ah... Jennifer Formick, the beautiful, charismatic, powerful Wall Street executive. She wasn't always beautiful.. nor was she always powerful and a big shot, either. Jennifer grew up in a little town just south of Atlanta. She was raised in a strict, Southern Baptist family with a horrid, mean father. Her father was horrible and abused her physically and mentally. Once she was sixteen, she left that town in the dust and never looked back. Jennifer enrolled in school once in New York and quickly climbed the social and finicial ladder, not-so-easily landing a spot in Wall Street. It took a lot of schooling and she had to save every penny, too. Not to mention, she worked three jobs.
    When Jennifer turned twenty-five, she met Zeus as a German CEO on a vacation in Mexico. They hit it off but instead of having a relationship, they chose drunk sex. Jennifer never looked back on her vacation and didn't regret a single thing. She was one of those people who didn't regret the things that she did. She strongly believed in the philosophy that, her mistakes and decisions made her who she was that day.
    When Jennifer arrived in New York after her vacation, nothing changed for her. At least not until a month later. When she found out she was pregnant a month later, everything changed. She hid it as well as she could but eventually, the work-a-holic had to take maternity leave to give birth to a healthy son.
    Years in Camp:
    He's been in camp since he was twelve, so six years.
    Brief History:
    Despite growing up without a mother, Cameron Cameron Formick was born in the Upper East side of Manhattan in an upscale apartment. For only a month after Cameron was born did his mother stick around that much. She wasn't around at all during his childhood and all he had were the nannies that came in everyday to cook for him and ultimately raise him. Cameron wasn't very aware of his mother growing up since she was a work-a-holic and never home. She was also never home to notice when a nanny was misbehaving towards Cameron. The only reason she found out was when her assistants would check up on her son to find him usually in a wrecked apartment with no supervision playing with something dangerous.
    As Cameron grew into a child, he began to get more and more attention from monsters. Instead of smaller monsters, the bigger ones starting attacking. Jennifer grew tired of all of this and began to regret her decision to keep her son. At merely the age of nine, Cameron was attacked by a Fury. Cameron's mother didn't know anything about monsters and what they were and who they wanted so when her son finally fessed up and told her about the attacks, she assumed he was crazy and sent him to a mental hospital.
    At just the age of ten years old, Cameron was stuck inside a mental hospital called Laurelwood, for two years. During his first month there, Cameron was alright and he was fine and completely calm. It was as if he hadn't even registered the fact that during most times of the day he was stuck in a room all alone. After a few months though, Cameron indeed began to go a little crazy. He began to become tired of the loneliness and the lack of people to talk to and the things to do. The loneliness was beginning to drive him just a bit crazy and Cameron began to think, 'Maybe I am crazy?' or 'Is that why my mother sent me here?' and 'No one loves me anymore.' Thoughts like this began to haunt Cameron's young mind.
    After six months at Laurelwood, Cameron went home. And when Cameron went home, a change overtook his mind. He began to indulge in a bit of rebellion towards his mother and the staff that worked under her. He began to question almost everything that happened to him. Young Cameron would go to school and talk about the monster attacks and the hospital and the other kids there would think he was absolutely insane and they teased him and bullied him for it. Cameron began to withdraw from his activities at school, too. Even though he was frequently seeing monsters at school now, too, his mother refused to take him out of that school. Cameron began to talk to his teachers, telling them about the horrible creatures he saw in place of the staff at school. And his teachers all agreed on one thing.
    For the next ten months, Cameron lived in Laurelwood, going crazy from his thoughts and thinking about how bad death might be. Through Laurelwood, ultimately, Cameron became depressed and insane and suicidal... just at the young age of eleven. There were no attacks on Cameron after the first six months but then they began to come consistently. Cameron would beg any godly figure for his life to end every single night at that hospital. Every night was the same, though. Nothing changed. Finally after his eighth month at Laurelwood, a satyr came for Cameron. The satyr, whose name was unknown, pretended to be a doctor and broke open the window for Cameron to jump out of. Although Cameron was two stories above the ground, the satyr promised he would be fine. So Cameron jumped, thinking that the satyr would be wrong. However, he wasn't.
    Cameron was carried down gently by the wind's currents to the ground, where his feet touched the grass lightly. Once word got out that Cameron was gone from the hospital, Laurelwood tightened its security and tried to catch Cameron, but he was long gone, just wandering around New York. Eventually the satyr broke free from Laurelwood's questioning staff and found Cameron, leading him directly to Camp while trying to explain the story of the gods on the way to Camp.
    For the first year of Cameron's residency at camp, he was slightly in disbelief of the whole thing. It took a while to stop cutting, too. Once he started believing and stopped cutting his wrists, everything sort of fell into place for Cameron.
    Physical Appearance:
    Cameron stands at about five foot ten inches being on the average of the height spectrum. Cameron's body build is that of a normal, healthy eighteen year old guy. He works out a little bit, enjoying sports like football and soccer, but nothing too extreme. Cameron's not obsessed with his body, but he does like to be in semi-good shape. He doesn't exactly have broad shoulders and an extremely masculine build but, he has nice biceps and a toned chest. Cameron's arms are average and not that long with hands just the right size and long, thin fingers perfect for playing the piano. Although, up his wrists are scars from when he'd cut weekly.
    Cameron has a very nice face. Shape-wise. Though his jawline's not all that prominent like most guys have, his face is still masculine-oriented. Most of the features on Cameron's face are slightly soft but still have a sculpted look to them. While Cameron has a slight bit of hair above his lip, he usually appears clean shaven, trying to look semi-nice. He doesn't like stubble. He has soft, pink lips that always look as though they're wet since he has a habit of constantly licking them.
    In the middle of Cameron's face is his nose. His is very average not really having any signature bumps or being rounded at the tip, it's just a normal nose. Though at the end, it appears to be slightly squared. On the left side of his nostril is a small mole that doesn't particularly stand out unless you look at him. From a glance, it's not that noticed.
    Just next to his nose, are his eyes. Cameron's got very simple, average eyes yet very pretty and easy to look at. Most of the time anyways.. when they're not filled with pain and longing. His eye color is a very light brown, almost looking like light colored, melted chocolate. They're a very light color and in some cases, they occasionally look red because of their lightness. Cameron's left eye is slightly bigger than the right, though. The eye socket just appears bigger is all. Framing his eyes are a pair of thick, soft brown lashes. His lashes aren't as noticeable as they would be if they were a color such as black, but he doesn't mind them.
    Above Cameron's eyes are his eyebrows and his forehead. His eyebrows are relatively thick and a bit bushy but they go with his eyes quite nicely. Cameron has a small scar on his forehead from when he slipped and hit his head as a young child. The scratch never properly healed because Cameron kept picking at it. Cameron's hair is a light brown color with hints of red and highlights of blonde thrown in it throughout his head. The ends of his hair have the slightly tendency to cowlick upwards giving his hair a slight choppy look. Nonetheless, it lies flat on his head most of the time. He doesn't spend much time with it, though.
    Cameron's style is very simple. He prefers to wear shorts and t-shirts, but other times he'll wear hi-top basketball shoes and tall black socks up to his mid-calf. He thinks he looks like a baller most of the time with his skater-like style.
    Cameron's slightly paranoid and kind of distant. He doesn't like to talk to a lot of the people at camp, though he is looked up to and kind of respected as one of the elder Zeus kids. Cameron's got an air of power around him although he refuses to acknowledge this. Though he's not modest, he just doesn't like power. The idea of having total control freaks him out, which is strange for a son of Zeus. The reason that Cameron is slightly paranoid is because of how many times he'd been attacked as a child and he still doesn't believe that he's safe in camp. Well, not completely safe.
    Cameron doubts almost everything he's told and he's still a bit rebellious. The way he acts is rebellious. Cameron acts more than he speaks. He's got that strong silent type going on, which most girls seem to find perfectly suiting for him. While he's quiet around most, Cameron will open up to certain people and make them laugh and make them fall in love with him. He's very easy to fall in love with. You see the whole 'tortured but brilliant' outlook and you feel pity for him and then you start to fall in love with him. Cameron's only ever been in love twice, but he's had his heart broken each time. Which also leads to more paranoia.
    Yes, he's brilliant. Cameron's very smart for a demigod. He always got outstanding marks on his report cards, even though his mother never paid much attention. He excelled in strange things like math and science. Strange for a demigod not for a regular student. Unlike most, he was never diagnosed with dyslexia, just ADD. Cameron always loved to read, having a passion for writing, too. School was the one thing that Cameron enjoyed despite the kids there who were horrible to him. He liked learning new things and paying attention to what happened. Cameron's a bit obsessed with finding out what's going on in the world. He's got a twitter, a facebook, and everything else. He loves to know what's going on in the world and if that means spying and creeping then by all means, he'll do it.
    Cameron does not like to be told what to do and he despises authority. It's a regular teenage attitude, he's been told. But, no. He'll always be like that. He just hates it when people tell him what to do. Everyone's been telling him how to live his life all his life and he's sick of it. So he's taking matters into his own hands from now on. As you can tell, Cameron's extremely independent and doesn't like to rely on others for help. He's extremely devoted to doing things himself and he'll stubbornly try to do them all by himself. He refuses help and when he says he doesn't want help, usually he does need it. He's extremely stubborn and hard-headed.
    Cameron's distant. He prefers to take long walks to clear his head from humans and he can be cold when he wants to. Deep down, Cameron's just looking for someone to love. (omfg cheesy) While he has plenty of friends, he doesn't have a best friend or even a close friend that he can really talk to. He distances himself very often and regrets it most of the time. Though, when he finally lets you into his world, Cameron's just a sweet, humorous boy with a troubled past.
    Fatal Flaw:
    You would think that because he's a son of Zeus, Cameron's fatal flaw would be his pride. And it is. His fatal flaw is his pride. That's not the only flaw he has though. His second fatal flaw is holding grudges. This flaw is more relevant towards his past while the first is relevant towards his heritage.
    Cameron has an Australian Shepherd puppy that he received when traveling out into the city. He found her while he was on his way to Starbucks one day and she was just sitting in a box in an alley. Cameron heard small yips coming from an alley and he ventured down into it, with his sword drawn thinking it might've been a monster or something of that caliber. When he looked into the box and saw the puppy, his heart went soft and he picked her up, instantly falling in love with her. Cameron named the little dog, Lucky. He likes cheesy names, yep.
    Lightning Manipulation: This isn't his best talent and it often takes him a while to take the static out of the air and manipulate it. It takes quite a bit out of him when he does this trick. He also doesn't practice it enough.
    Atmospheric Difference: When around Cameron, people get the feeling that the heavens are about to open up and storm. While this is almost like an aura, it's also more of a curse than a talent. It usually makes people feel a bit jumpy and anxious, like there's a storm in the air.
    Atmospheric Control: While only a few children of Zeus can do this, it appears to be Cameron's speciality and favorite talent. Cameron can levitate off of the ground and into the air and hold himself up for a few hours. It's the talent that's he's always and most frequently practiced with. When he was twelve and escaping the hospital, the currents of the sky carried him lightly to the ground. Cameron often jumps off of high buildings just to practice it, too. Of course, his siblings think he's crazy for doing this, too.
    Thunder Control: Cameron has a nice, smooth control over thunder, like most children of Zeus and he doesn't even have to control it sometimes. It just goes with his mood. Usually anger is when it appears.
    Cameron has a slightly plain CB sword. While the blade's plain, the hilt is not. The hilt is decorated in sapphires and silver. His name is carved into the hilt as well, in script Greek. Sapphires are his favorite gems so he figured he'd 'pimp his weapon'.
    Year-Round or Summer:
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PostSubject: Re: character one    character one  Icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2012 9:32 pm

Is this a transferred character?

And he can't levitate for a few hours. Please shorten the time he can do this.

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