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An RPG for demigods in Camp Half-Blood.
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 My old charactor from,

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My old charactor from, Empty
PostSubject: My old charactor from,   My old charactor from, Icon_minitimeMon Mar 11, 2013 1:35 pm

Name: Chris Toth
Age: 16
Gender: male
Appearance: brown hair, he got a few odd looks at the pool because of the scars on his chest in the shape of a claw. Intense brown eyes, he wears a blue zip up hoodie, and a ring with tridents on the sides, and a brilliant green stone in the middle. You can kind of see a scar on the middle of each wrist from where he had magical items implanted in his wrists. He has a scar that runs along the bottom of his right cheek from a sword. He is considered mildly good looking, but he hates almost everything about himself. His hair is kind of long, it goes three fourths down the back of his neck, and over his eye brows. his hair also completely covers his ears.
Godly parent: Poseidon
Powers: breathing underwater, is re-energized in water, can swim at an unnatural speed
Flaws: He is judge mental, he make decisions about people before getting to know them, he will trust or distrust someone based souly on the first encounter. He is also very rash. He will make stupid impulsive mistakes. He is very self couscous about most things about himself, also has low self esteem. He also tents to get in trouble.
Personality: he trusts people or distrusts them. He is willing to give his life for his friends. He also will plot to screw over his enemies. He treats respect and friendship differently. He also disregards rules that he doesn't like. He can get angry very easily angered, and will cool off with some time. He almost never stays angry at anything for long. He usually then apologizes for everything that was said when he was angry. He also is very compassionate. He is angered easily, because he is still angry at himself, because he blames James death on himself. this is also why he fights with no mercy in actual combat.He also appears a little blood thirsty, because he wants to avenge James. He keeps to him self mostly at camp, and has few friends. And will try to help all of his friends as much as he can.
Background information: Chris’s mortal mom was killed when a squad of Scythian Dracanae attacked when he was ten. He had spent a year on the run, and then he then became best Friends with a son of Hephaestus named James. James tested several things with Chris, such as magical implants in his wrist that will create blades on his wrists. This is his primary weapon. He was also given a working iPod that turns into a sword. James was Chris’s best friend, until one day when they were in a burger place in Texas. They had visited it because it was supposed to be the best burger place in Texas. The monsters caught up to them and attacked them. There had been another demigod in the restraint. A roman, a child of Jupiter. James had stayed behind to let the roman and Chirs exchanged names, his name was Blake. They also exchanged phone numbers and went there separate ways. They were told by the gods. Not to tell the other campers about the other camp. They text often. They gods made them swear on the river Styx not to tell the camps about the other camps. Chris had travelled across the country, a bit more ,he learned to use his wrist blades with deadly skill. A He was found and moved to camp after the titan war when he was fifteen. He kind of never made friends at camp. But he still kept in contact with Blake. The fact that he was always texting freaked out a few campers.
Home life: he was travailing around the country to avoid monsters since he left Florida a met James.
Time spent at camp: a year
Weapons: hidden wrist blades. Some legal courts might consider his ring as a weapon, but it really isn't. It is just a ring. the stone would hurt if he punched someone with it though.
Other: He doesn't care about the “no phone” rule with demigods, and is always texting Blake. He is considered a weak fighter at camp by other cabins ( and people that he hasn't gone one on one with, because he isn't allowed to kill. when he fights monsters, he is brutal and vicious.
Chris will be in the new beginner's 5 roleplay
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My old charactor from,
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