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An RPG for demigods in Camp Half-Blood.
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 My first character

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PostSubject: My first character    My first character  Icon_minitimeSun Mar 03, 2013 5:22 am

full Name: Angela Mace
Nicknames: Angie
Age: 13
years at camp: none yet still in first year

Picture:My first character  LucyBaker_THB
Hair: light brown, goes until middle of her back, always open and never in a ponytail.
Eyes: grey
distinct markings: scar on left hand
Angela mace style

Personalty: Angie is sweet and loving. She is always loyal to her friends, but be warned if you hurt someone close to her your as good as dead. She is sort of a goody-two-shoes with small anger issues.

God parent: Aphrodite
Mortal parent: Cliff Mace
Date of birth: 5/14/1999

Powers: Charmspeak, though she hates to use it.
Fatal flaw: loyalty
other flaws: Gullible and way too innocent to understand that bad things happen, ADHD, Dyslexia

weapons: A simple celestic bronze dagger.
Pets: none
talent skills: designing outfits but other than that none really

RP example: Angie was walking around camp with a flower in her hand. She loved nature and didn't understand why people wanted to destroy it. Her dagger was strapped to her leg and was probably making a hole in her new jeans. Though she didn't mind today was a nice day and nothing was going to ruin it for her.

The other girls in her cabin made fun of her shoes when she arrived, because they weren't high heels, but instead normal high tops. She hated it when people made fun of her it made her cry. Then they told her that she should stop acting like a baby and start acting more grown up. The thought of her bad arrival day hurt. She was going to make sure that those girls will never make fun of her again. Just she had no Idea how. She might talk to those Hermes kids, but they will laugh her out." No they won't" she whispers to herself " okay , maybe they will."

Biography: When Angie was born her dad thought she was the most beautiful thing on earth. She maybe wasn't, but she was close. Angie never caused trouble for anybody, but was always blamed. Her dad never believed her when she said she didn't. he would just ask what happened to the little girl who loved to play with flowers. This made her cry, suddenly nothing seemed they it should be and everything seemed worse.

One day she met this girl named Clare. Clare said she knew what she was and can help her. Clare said she was going to take her to a camp where she would be safe. Though she only found out when she got to camp that she and Clare where both demigods.
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My first character
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