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An RPG for demigods in Camp Half-Blood.
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 Please read the damn rules. Now. Please and thank you:)

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Please read the damn rules. Now. Please and thank you:) Empty
PostSubject: Please read the damn rules. Now. Please and thank you:)   Please read the damn rules. Now. Please and thank you:) Icon_minitimeSat Aug 18, 2012 9:27 pm

These are the wonderful rules my friends, either follow them, or beware of the consequences.

*No power-playing (which is controlling another person's character at any moment without their permission).
Example: I punched the girl directly in the face, her nose started to bleed and I laughed hysterically. ADMINS HAVE THE RIGHT TO POWER-PLAY TO COUNTER GOD-MOD/OTHER POWER-PLAY.
*No double accounting. No one enjoys people playing games with others with two accounts. If you do double account, us Admins will know, and you will be punished.
*For quests, you must ask one of the admins. You will be put on a list, and then we will notify you when a quest is ready for you.
*No chat-speaking in role-playing posts. For example, "lol", "u", "lmao".
*Listen to Admins, Staff, and Moderators
*No harassing/threatening others. That person will be dealt with immediately with a harsh punishment; Please report it to an admin.
*No Mary/Gary Sues (over perfect characters, for example an amazingly handsome boy who can beat Kronos blind-folded and with a fork)
*No god-modding/god-like characters (invincible, super-strong characters who can't be beaten in battle)
*No spam. (For example, a post that only says "hi" in the Zeus cabin.)
*Use the "edit" button or "delete" button instead of posting another post about it. This is considered spam.
*No double posts. *Excluding cabins*
*Only admins are allowed to RP gods, Chiron, Argus, and Dionysus.
*Don't tell people what to do/post. If you're a mod, you can tell people to edit out swears and such, but not tell them to post that the other person's character dies; they have a choice on whether they want to post that or not.
*No advertising in Chatbox. You can post your website in the General board, that is allowed.
*No more future-seeing characters/ Seers.
*No characters with mind reading (Unless they had that power on the other site) We will check.
*Do not say you got a gift from your parent unless you ask an Admin.
*Please do not interfere with any quests, unless asked by a friend. But you can not join it all together. You must come back later before the quest ends.
*You may only have 10 characters. (At this time)
**NO ARGUING IN THE CHATBOX. Take it to PMs, or if you insist on keeping it in the chatbox you will be kicked/banned for it.
-NO POWER ABUSE FROM MODS ANYWHERE. Any power-abuse will immediately be dealt with by a demotion/warning, depending on how bad it is.
*Power-flaunting anywhere on this site will also result in demotion/warnings, depending on how bad it is.
*"Higher ranked members shouldn't treat lower ranked members badly or treat them with little respect because they aren't as powerful." (Credits to Music for this rule.)
*No contact with gods/Titans before going to camp.
*No posting without making a character first.
*You can bring one demi-titan and one big-three child, IF you had them on a different site. If your character is quite powerful, moderators and Admins will ask where he came from. We will check it out and see what the others were thinking.
*Sexual content, and swearing IS allowed.

First Offence: Warning
Second Offence: Suspension from either pm-ing or chatbox.
Third Offence: Suspension from both chatbox and PMs.
Fourth Offence: All three punishments listed above.
Fifth Offence: Banned for a few days.
Sixth Offence: Banned for a long, long, long, time.

These punishments are just examples. Depending on what you did, there may be even worse punishments. Please just follow the rules and there will be no problems, now will there be my friends?

-Your lovely neighborhood Admins,
Kasi, Mason, Hammah, Evimero

Pm your Co-Head admins, Hammah, or Me, Kasi. If you have any other questions.
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Please read the damn rules. Now. Please and thank you:)
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