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An RPG for demigods in Camp Half-Blood.
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 New character WIP

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PostSubject: New character WIP   New character WIP Icon_minitimeThu Sep 20, 2012 8:27 pm

New character WIP Scaled.php?server=207&filename=106358

Full Name: Pierce Lancaster
Nicknames: Just about any insult someone calls him
Age: 15
Years At Camp: New Comer

Picture (Optional): *points to top of form*
Hair: Refer to Picture
Eyes: Refer To picture
Body Type: 5'7, About 130 lbs. He's got some muscle, but not like a steroid junkie or a work-out-aholic.
Distinct Markings: No distinct markings
Style: Nothing here

Personality (Friendly, mean, different, violent, etc.): Violent, Sarcastic, and Smart. These three are the easiest words to describe Pierce. He is a demi-god that very smart and knows how to find a person's weakness and exploit it. Called a Smartass, his sarcasm and own brand of humor have earned him many insulting names that he really, like most everything else, doesn't give a fuck about. However, when angered he is a very violent individual, but when violent he's not some rage monkey on a war path, no he actually has fun with his fights when he is angered. He doesn't honestly care much for fighting, but when he needs to he can scrap with the best of them, normally only being extremely out classed by DT's, B3, and few minor god children. He makes up for these outclassing matches by annoying his opponent and making them do reckless and unthoughtout moves.

God Parent: Set
Mortal Parent: Taylor Lancaster
Date of Birth: September 20th

Powers (optional): Pierce has powers over Chaos. Namely he can create things out of mid air and destroy them with his mind just as easily. The largest thing he is able to make with ease, while still feeling drained, would be a fully operational dirt bike. He finds making inanimate objects more easy to appear than living things so he just sticks to making things of the inanimate variety appear. He can do this abut 20-25 times a day and will feel tired mentally, going from headaches to migrains, to throwing up, or even passing out.

Fatal Flaw: His intelligence would have to be his fatal flaw. He's smart in a way that gets him into a lot of trouble rather than avoiding it.
Other Flaws: His Sarcasm in the face of immediate threat makes his opponents more hostile, cocky, arrogant, and overanalyzing,

Dual CB Swords:


Two gloves with CB Blades on them:

Pets: No Pets
Talents/Skills: Pissing people off

RP Example:

Other Notes:

Lucas McKay/17-Loki-Dating Ophelia, Vali
Adrian Kendrick/16-Thanatos-Single
Quinton Kendrick/16-Thanatos-Single
Zayden Ranway/17-Holler-Dating Grayson Johnston, Freya
Raven Brooke/16-Aphrodite-single
Shane Redford/16-Momus-FWB with Ever Constant, Mania
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New character WIP
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