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An RPG for demigods in Camp Half-Blood.
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 The Incredibly Lovely Site Shop.

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The Incredibly Lovely Site Shop. Empty
PostSubject: The Incredibly Lovely Site Shop.   The Incredibly Lovely Site Shop. Icon_minitimeSun Sep 16, 2012 12:22 pm

The Rules.

*To purchase something, you must pm an Admin.
*We do not take IOU's
*No Scamming.
*No refunds. (Even if you kill off your big three/demi-titan character.)

*Drachmas are rewarded by posting topics, role plays and Pm's.
*We have the right to refuse you an item if we think you do not deserve that kind of thing.
*If you kill off one of your demi-titans/Big Three Kids/extra slot charrie, you can still have that slot. (Not for a big three or demi-titan, unless you buy another.)
*Prices may vary.

Also, I do not believe in making you pay for a name change. But if you overboard on the name changing. I will make you pay 300 drachmas. Exe: Change name one day, change name two days later. Next week another name change.
Just no, that's not happening

Store Prices:

-Extra Character Slot - 800 Drachmas
-Weapon From God Parent - 860 Drachmas
-Blessing From God Parent - 2,000 Drachmas
-Big Three Demigod - 3,000 Drachmas
-Very High Weakness Tolerance (A character doesn't have to have extreme limits on their powers. They don't have to get weak right away. They can use their powers over 30 times, and then start to get weak.) - 4,500 Drachmas.
-Demi-Titan (Not including Gaea, Chronus, Kronos, Uranus, Oceanus, and Pallas. ) - 9,600 Drachmas
-Any type of Demi-titan(Excluding Chaos.) - 15,000 Drachmas
-A Chaos Child - 35,000 Drachmas
-River Styx Immortality - 10,000,000 Drachmas
-Immortality - 500,000,000 Drachmas

Please follow the directions, and have fun:P

This lovely Site Shop was made by Alpha Wolf, and edited by me. He gave me ideas. Kudos to Alpha.

P.m. Me (Kasi) for any other suggestions or questions.


The Incredibly Lovely Site Shop. Spiderman
Kasi, Daughter Of Athena
Kesi Anders, Daughter Of Set
Ronnellyn Trevors, Daughter of Chaos

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The Incredibly Lovely Site Shop.
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