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 Bianca Grey

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PostSubject: Bianca Grey   Bianca - Bianca Grey Icon_minitimeFri Aug 24, 2012 10:27 pm

Bianca - Bianca Grey Bianca_Lawson_publicity_shot

Full Name: Bianca Sariah Grey
Nicknames: Bebe, Bi, Sweetheart, Honest Be
Age: 16
Years At Camp: 16

Picture (Optional): above
Hair (Length, color, style, etc.): it is naturally long and black, it is always curled and just hanging on her shoulders
Eyes: brown
Body Type (Height, weight, etc.): 5'7, 98 pounds, she has a lovely figure
Distinct Markings (Freckles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): No marking but she does wear a belly button ring
Style (Optional, use ): Jeans, heels and regular shoes, dresses and anything she likes.

Personality (Friendly, mean, different, violent, etc.): She can be arrogant at times but besides that she is really sweet. She loves smiling and cheering and calming people. She's just full of sunshine

God Parent: Aphrodite
Mortal Parent: Dwayne Grey
Date of Birth: April 1

Powers (optional): N/A
Fatal Flaw: When people hate her it rips her apart, she can't stand hatred especially if it's toward her.
Other Flaws (at least two others): Arrogant, and she fears the children of Ares

Weapon(s): Not really a weapon but a necklace that is in the form of a shell, it protects her from fights she doesn't want to be involved in(If she chooses not to fight the necklace prevents people from touching her), and she has a CB blade that is well decorated that takes the form of a golden hair pin.
Pets: Two doves she names beau and amour
Talents/Skills: she sings and acts a little

RP Example: Bianca sat on the beach, her legs close to her chest as she looked around. There was no one to talk to. She sighed as she stood slowly, but then she stopped and looked at the water. She thought it was gorgeous." If everyday was like this..." She whispered.

Biography: Dwayne Grey was a big basketball player. All he wanted was love and gave up everything for it. Aphrodite was(obviously) everything he seen in a woman and he wouldn't give up until he got her. And once they dated for awhile, Aphrodite became pregnant. He asked her to marry him because of this and once she turned him down he wondered why. One day he followed her and as he did, Aphrodite turned into her ancient form in front of him, instantly killing him. Bianca was bron and sent to camp. And even though she spent most of her days in the cabin, she never really got out.

Other Notes:

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Bianca Grey
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