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An RPG for demigods in Camp Half-Blood.
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 I was born Brandy Lei...but now I am Mateo Vasquez

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Brandy Lei

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I was born Brandy Lei...but now I am Mateo Vasquez Empty
PostSubject: I was born Brandy Lei...but now I am Mateo Vasquez   I was born Brandy Lei...but now I am Mateo Vasquez Icon_minitimeSat Mar 15, 2014 11:09 pm

Hello. My name is Mateo Vasquez. I am 14 years old (quite an accomplishment in my family considering few got past age 12), and I'm a boy... on some levels. Let me break it down.
I lived in Detroit for the first 8 years of my life with my mother, who was in college at the time. We ate, slept, and lived in the small campus dorm that she shared with her best friend, my aunt, Leila. My mother was my world as I was hers, but she made a lot of bad decisions. Before I was born, my mother got involved with the drug trade, selling herself for drugs almost dying from an alcohol induced coma. With the help of Leila she got her life back together, somewhat, and met a man. I'm not sure who my Dad is, but the way he's described was perfection. "He was strong and Handsome", she'd tell me, "His heart was as big as his wallet", she'd told me that he would give her the best jewels and books and clothes any woman would kill for. So they fell in love, and had me. My father stayed for about a month after I was born, then vanished. The police had told my mother that he had went missing, and that they would do all they could to find him, but after a few hoaxes, he was pronounced dead. After that everything kind of went downhill. The debt that my mother had forgotten to pay for drugs she had purchased in her teens caught up with her, and in an attempt to kept me and herself safe, she told me I was a boy and proceeded to dress me so when I was 2. She cut my hair and changed my name to Mateo. Throughout school I was Mateo Vasquez. But about a year later, my Aunt Leila was murdered my one of my mothers earlier clients. My mother unable to deal with the loss of her man and her best friend, overdosed and died 2 months later. I was 9.
I found Camp-Half Blood 8 months ago and have been living in the Hermes Cabin ever since. I am Mateo Vasquez and that's what I will be until I die. No one knows my gender and no one knows my past. I am regular, and I will stay regular. That is my story. Welcome to my life.
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I was born Brandy Lei...but now I am Mateo Vasquez
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