Camp Half Blood

An RPG for demigods in Camp Half-Blood.
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 Tristans Bunk

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PostSubject: Tristans Bunk   Tristans  Bunk Icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2012 12:49 pm

I woke up and banged my head on my shelf.
" Ow!" I say and rub the back of my neck.
I get up.I go to the bathroom and grab my clothes.
i look in the mirror. " Well?"
I flip around. In the doorway threres a girl With blonde hair and icy blue eyes.
" Adriana! Hey Babe! And um... Why are you watching me get dressed?"
" I was actually hoping I could see you undressed.... just kidding."
I laugh. She comes into the bathroom. I Put my hands around her neck.
" You Know" She continues " You do look overly attractive with no shirt on."
" Well, Do I" I take of my shirt. "woah" Adriana says " i never knew you had a sixpack."
"Know you do..." With That I moved in. I kissed her deeper, Until she added tounge.
I broke away. "Adriana?"
She glared at me. " Why are you breaking Away?" " Um.... I dont know.I just feel awkard."
"And Why would that Be Tristan?" "As i said i dont know.I love you and all, But-"
She kissed me on the cheek. " I dont wanna know, Kay? bye sweetie!" "Um Bye?!"
As she walked out I felt Puzzeled. "Oh, Whatever!" I put my shirt on and thought:
Darn! Adriana is SO Hot!

Adriana- The helpful daughter of Khione-"The A team"-Ed sheeran
Tristan- The cheeky son of Apollo-"We can make the world stop"-The glitch mob
Brandon- The adolscent son of Nike-"Glad you came"-The wanted
Crow-The Sporty son of Phobos-"Scream and shout" ft. Britney spears
Haley-The cool headed daughter of Athena-"Dont worry child."-Swedish house mafia
Davis-The troublemaker Son of Thanatos-"Dont stop the party"-Pitbull
Eliza- The thoughtful daughter of Anubis-"Liv it up."-Alexander ludwig
Zero- The evil minded son of Zeus-"In my veins"-Andrew belle
Ronald- The silent son Of Bacchus-"So cold."-Nikisha reyes
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Tristans Bunk
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